Nieuws van Jaco en Charmaine Dijkshoorn

Update from Jaco and Charmaine, June 2017

Dear Friends

We have been praying about the next step in terms of ministry for a long time. Jaco has been ministering in Pollsmoor prison for many years, but it became clear that this season is over. It became hard to get into the prison for ministry, and he lost the zeal for what he was doing.

Somehow we sensed that God was leading us to do a Couples and Family Counselling School with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) in Switzerland. We feel that this school will equip us more to offer support to couples and families that we encounter. Lees verder

Jaco & Charmaine, February 2017

At the beginning of 2017 we pray that you will be filled with the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord. We would also like to thank you for your support to us in whatever way.

We took a 2 week break just after Christmas and took a road trip to Durban, stopping at different places along the way. As our ministry is mainly to meet people we also used our holiday to do this. We also met some friends in unexpected places. We have some staff members that are attached to YWAM Muizenberg, but serve in other parts of South Africa. One person that we visited is working in a rural part of the Eastern Cape as a physiotherapist. She appreciated our visit as she is situated in a very remote place. We also visited some YWAM friends in Jeffrey’s Bay.

Since our last newsletter we have been quite busy in Cape Town, and God has used us in different ways to touch the lives of others.

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Newsletter Jaco and Charmaine, June 2016

We are currently busy with the final arrangements for our time in Europe during June and July. We are looking forward to meeting up with friends and family.

Charmaine is getting more involved with Sound of the Nations. It is a ministry of YWAM that is focusing on worship and helping participants to discover their unique as well as various cultural expressions of worship, and to step into their own identity. They presented another 6-week seminar during March/April with 12 students from 6 different nations. A lot of inner healing has happened during the school, and the students found restoration of their identity. This time around the students were mainly from a western culture, and that is the “flavour” that they bring to the seminar. Students also have the opportunity to write their own songs, and sing it at the community meeting.

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Jaco & Charmaine Dijkshoorn – December 2015

Kevin, the school leader, sharing his story

Kevin, the school leader, sharing his story

Charmaine resigned from her job a few months ago, and is now fulltime involved with YWAM, Muizenberg. She recently completed the “Sound of the Nations course” where she was on staff. It is a 6 week worship course designed to help students to find their voice and to release their unique and cultural sound in order to create new avenues for God’s love to flood the nations. The students are not only learning about worship, but also about God’s heart for the nations, identity and cultural redemption. God is speaking to them and is also bringing healing in those vulnerable areas in their lives.

They also did a live recording of original songs written by the students and staff of the course. You can check it out on our Facebook page: Sound of the Nations. There will be another course that will be running during March/April 2016. If you are interested or know of somebody else who might be interested the information can be found on

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Newsletter June 2015 – Jaco and Charmaine

Dear Friends!

“Be still and know that I am God. “Ps. 46:11

I am still busy with the awaiting trial prisoners. In the prison are about 4300 man, most of them stressed about the outcome of their trial. The waiting takes longer if the prisoner pleads not guilty. The waiting can take up to 5 years. Although the prison is overcrowded the living conditions are similar for many come as they come from poor areas. At least there is enough food every day.

I work with a team of approximately 16, mostly voluntary, workers. We are 15 Christians and one muslim, who has become a friend through the years. Most workers come once a week but I try to be there every day.

Recently a rasta(farian) came to talk to me. His father is a rasta who sells marijuana and his mother is a Christian. He lived a few years as a rasta selling and smoking weed. He told me about the fights between the rasta’s and that he saw it was not giving him the peace he wanted. In fact it brought him to prison for attempted murder of another rasta. He wanted to follow Jesus and said he wanted to cut off his dreadlocks.

Charmaine felt that her time at the shelter where she worked has come to an end, and she left her job at the end of March. She will now be fulltime involved with YWAM. She continues to work with Community Health and member care, while she is waiting on God for the next step. This involves taking care of staff members. We are currently busy with various programmes to make new staff feel welcome on the base. Along with some other staff members we are also did debriefing training, as this is such an important and often neglected aspect for all missionaries. The aim is to form a team that can offer debriefing to the rest of the staff.

We like you to pray for our financial situation. As Charmaine doesn’t have a paid job anymore our expenses are only covered for 50% by donations and my part time job as Dutch teacher.
I am also looking for funding for bibles for prisoners. Many prisoners love to read the bible.
A bible will cost me approximately 3 euro and my stock is almost depleted.

Prayer requests

  • Jaco’s work in the prison
  • Our work within YWAM Muizenberg
  • Our finances

December 2014 – Jaco and Charmaine

Dear Friends and Family

“Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call Him Immanuel”

Isa. 7:14

As we come to the end of 2014 our hearts are filled with gratitude to God for His faithfulness. It has not always been easy, but there has been a great focus on God’s Presence. For Charmaine especially the past few months have been quite difficult trying to cope at work.

I (Jaco) have been busy in Pollsmoor prison with the unsentenced men and it has been amazing. I could counsel about 30 men per month and do 2 bible studies per week – one male group and one female group. For next year I feel my primary focus would be the men so I won’t do a women’s group anymore.

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Newsletter Jaco and Charmaine June 2014

Dear friends and family,

At the moment it is autumn in Cape Town and we have sunny days followed by rainy days. Normally one day of the weekend is wet and the other sunny.

We are preparing for our vist to the Netherlands. We hope to be in Europe from the 19th of June till the 21th of July. We will be some time in the Netherlands visiting friends and family. We will stay in Stolwijk and Schoonhoven both near Gouda (cheese capital of Holland). If you like to meet us please let us know.During our stay we hope go to France, Andorra and Barcelona for a while.

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Jaco and Charmaine, December 2013

Dear friends

It has been a while ago since we have written to you.

On the 5th of December Nelson Mandela died. We lost a great South African who helped in the reconciliation between whites and non-whites.
Under apartheid we could not get married or even live together in South-Africa. Charmaine would not be able to vote and was not allowed to live in the area we live now, so we are thankful that apartheid was abolished (by Mr. F.W. De Klerk). South-Africa is still a fantastic place to live.

Lees verder

Jaco and Charmaine, Capetown, South Africa, August 2013

Dear Friends

It has been a while since we wrote a newsletter, mainly because there was not too much to tell. We would however like to tell you that we have now decided to join the staff of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Muizenberg  and have been accepted officially. This will not have too much of an impact on what we are doing at the moment, but things might change soon. The base has been quite open to us continuing with what we are doing at the moment. Our main involvement on the base will be in missionary care and counselling. This is also a part of the ministry at the base that still need to develop more.

We have been doing some missionary care in our own capacity over the past few years by visiting missionary friends in their respective ministries. We have also done so recently by visiting some friends near Luanshya in Zambia during June/July. They are involved with an organisation ,Foundation for Cross-Cultural Education, that focuses on training educators for the mission field. It was quite interesting to see the work that they are doing in Zambia, but also in South Africa and Namibia. While in Zambia we also had the opportunity to visit the YWAM base in Livingstone, and see what is happening in that area.

I (Jaco) am still working with Hope Prison Ministries in Pollsmoor prison in Cape Town and I love it. I go there 4 mornings a week. One morning I do an interactive Bible study with men who are open to the gospel. They are still awaiting trial which easily can take up to a year when they don’t plead guilty. We desperately need Bibles. I can buy a Bible for around 3 euro’s. Two other mornings I counsel male prisoners. In general they are addicts of methamphetamines called tik. They come from poor and dysfunctional families and most of them really want to change. One man has killed two people and has decided to come clean. One of the signs of conversion is that he has stopped lying in court and pleaded guilty. Another sign of conversion is that they care for other prisoners. An unconverted person normally is only busy with his own needs. “I need socks, a Bible, a phone card”. Their prayer is normally to get out of prison as soon as possible.

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Jaco and Charmaine – June 2011

We are both looking forward to our upcoming visit to Europe in June and July, and a time to meet friends and family. God is using both of us in different ministries in Cape Town:


Jaco is continuing to work at Pollsmoor prison. He mainly works with prisoners in the pre-release section, and helps them to prepare for life outside the prison focusing on drug abuse. He also does Bible study with those awaiting trial in the Maximum Security section of the prison, as well as with the female offenders. It is exciting to see men and women opening up for God week after week. The women shed a lot of tears. They really miss their children. For more information about this prison work go to:

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