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Three weeks in, so before you all start to forget me, another newsletter. Genesis seemed a good title, since it means “in the beginning”. And what a beginning. When I arrived at the airport of Pemba the whole Hospitality Team was waiting there for me. They all wanted to be there to welcome the new team member.

Team photo: back row – Chris and Horacio; middle row – Jennifer, Saibo, Awa and Tabarra; front row – me, Mario and Laura. Lees verder

4610 Ministries Newsletter 1


Welcome to the first newsletter of 4610 Ministries, the ministry of Remco Lammers. You are receiving this newsletter because either you asked for it, you agreed to it, you were a subscriber to my past newsletters or I just like you. If you do not want to receive this newsletter, you can unsubscribe here.

4610 Ministries

Do I need my own ministry? Not really! But it was a lot of fun creating one. The name 4610 comes from Psalm 46:10 (ESV) that reads:

“Be still and know that I am God.
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth”.

For me this is the promise that God is in control, even though we are able to choose freely. He is in control. That might sound like a paradox, but it isn’t. Cause although we are not able to understand, we are able to believe. We are able to know!

With my ministry I want to help and support other ministries around the world by giving them my time. As for now I am working with the beautiful Iris Global in Pemba Mozambique. Here I am part of the wonderful Hospitality Team making visitors and guests feel at home.

Project: Hospitality

As mentioned before I will be a part of the Hospitality team of Iris Global based in Pemba Mozambique. I wrote a little essay on Iris Global, Hospitality and myself. If you want to read that, you can find it here:

Project Iris Global Hospitality


As for now the main source for information will be the 4610 Ministries facebook account. Here you will find more information on the ministry and on myself. I will also be posting videos of my time in Pemba Mozambique. If you want to follow me on Facebook you can go to the 4610 Ministries page and like the page.



On the picture above you see a gas station in Mozambique. Here you can buy a cup, a bottle or something else with fuel for you car or motorcycle to keep the motor running.

The fuel that I need is prayer!

I kindly ask you to remember me in your time of prayer. Pray for the ministry, pray for all the wonderful people I meet, pray for Mozambique, pray for Hospitality, pray for Iris Global, pray for me and my health and pray to give glory to Jesus.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. Bless you all!

New project: Iris Global

Iris Global

Iris Global (previously Iris Ministries) is a holistic ministry that we began in 1980 as we took small evangelistic street drama teams to Asia on short-term mission trips. Our emphasis was the creative presentation of the Gospel, and our ministry grew greatly. But we were so impacted by the condition of the poor that we changed direction drastically and began to stop for the one and prove the love of God by first addressing the temporal needs of the broken and humble, “the least of these”. We focused on the bottom of society rather than the top. Now, after coming to Mozambique and starting with street beggar children in 1995, we have seen a people movement spread across the ten provinces of Mozambique (and other parts of the world). Massive desperation for God rising out of a long history of repression, poverty and natural disasters has fuelled revival, one that is sparking more fire in nations around the world. And signs and wonders are following all the way.

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