Nieuws van Steve & Marilyn Hill

Steve & Marilyn Hill, summer 2013

Greetings Friends

Summer on Manitoulin Island is wonderful as testified by the doubling of our population from about 10,000 to 20,000.  Never heard of Manitoulin Island?  It is the largest fresh water island in the world and sits in northern Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.    Marilyn and I are enjoying living and working here but we will be in Southern Ontario this weekend where all of our family will be together for the first time in two years!  Amber & David from Holland and Zach and Naomi from Nova Scotia will be at Shannon & Christian’s in Holland Landing.   Six grandkids all together!   Grandma and Grandpa are doing a happy dance!

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Steve & Marilyn, december 2012

Friends & Partners

We have much to be thankful for this past year.  A home for women at risk became a reality in Tajikistan.  So far as we know this is the only home for women in that nation of seven million people.  It came about as two young prostitutes came to Jesus and immediately began seeking to help other girls on the street.  There are now six women in the home (which can accommodate twelve) but two are very sick.  The reality is that, apart from healing miracles,  this home may provide  hospice care for many due to high rates of aids and TB infection.

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Steve & Marilyn Hill, October 2012

Dear Partners

Our friends  in Kazakhstan have a community in an old sauna/bath house in a high crime area of their city.  They are reporting new baptisms there.  Maria in Osh, Kyrgyzstan shares that an elderly deaf lady began to hear after prayer in Jesus name.  Sergey in Tajikistan asks for prayer as he visits houses of peace in the Pamir mountains on the border with western China and Afghanistan- one of the most unreached areas of the planet.  We love to hear from our friends in Central Asia and we are grateful to be able to continue to share their stories and requests with you.

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Samenwerking Home of Change en Steve & Marily Hill

Steve & Marilyn Hill en Home of Change gaan samen bouwen aan een safe house voor vrouwen in gevaar in Tajikistan. Volgens Steve Hill is dit de eerste in dat land.
Een plaatselijke advocaat in Tajikistan wil samen met Doma Mera en Home of Change kijken naar de mogelijkheden voor goede opvang voor de prostituees die ze steunen.

Home of Change organiseert op 29 september een jubileumavond om de bewustwording met betrekking tot kinderhandel ten behoeve van de seksindustrie te vergroten en mensen de mogelijkheid te bieden om deel te worden van hun werk.

Steve & Marilyn Hill


Steve & Marilyn began their journey as Jesus People, sitting on the floor talking about Jesus.

We did not think we were a “real” church since we had no building, paid pastor, board, constitution, parking lot or problems.

After a thirty year journey through every expression of charismatic experience and ministry, a degree in Philosphy/English and a career in commercial/industrial construction, they are back where they started- sitting on the floor talking with people about Jesus.

We love our friends from around the world but especially from Central Asia and are thankful for what they have taught us about simply following Jesus.


You can visit their website at

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