Nieuws van Eddi en Désirée

Update Eddi & Désirée

Here we are back after a bit of time. We write you to let you know about changes and news in our life.
As most of you know the past two years were a kind of sabbatical for us. We are still moved and really thankful about your care, support and friendship during that special season. Now we are facing news steps of faith. So there is a lot to share with you …

A little throwback: sabbatical 2015-2016

It was significant, necessary and soooo good for us to take enough time allowing God to heal and renew things in our hearts and then – according to His timing – to open new perspectives. We are extremely thankful for friends, mentors and leaders who had that perspective and who supported, exhorted, helped and counseled us during that season.

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Newsletter July 2011

Dear friends,

It was so nice to celebrate my (Desiree’s) 40th birthday in June. My familiy came to visit and now we know that we can have breakfast with up to 12 people at our kitchen table 🙂 All day people sent messages, emails, greetings, hugs and hi’s from all over the world. Thank you so much!!

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For the last years we have been involved in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. We both went through the program ourselves around 15 years ago. This really helped us to understand the people. no matter how ruined their lives were by drugs, prison, hatred and hopelessness – we knew: what Jesus did for us, He could also do for them! It was amazing to see people beeing set free from years of addiction and beeing literally changed into new creations, as the bible says in 2nd cor. 5,17.

But through the last years we always felt our hearts beating for other nations, for missions and evangelism. This summer it became clear: Our time in the drug rehabilitation work is running out and we are moving into a new ministry: in January 2010 we will start working with an international school for evangelism and missions  (S.E.M.), which is  also part of FCJG. Lees verder

Rehab Perspective

We – Eddi (from Germany) and Désirée (from Luxembourg/Belgium) – are part of the German organization ‚FCJG’ (Free Christian Youth Fellowship), which was founded by former Hippies in the early 70ies during the Jesus Movement.

We live and work in the drug-rehab-center ‚Haus Wiedenhof’. Around 15 years ago we both went through the program ourselves, This helps us to understand and help others with similar problems. We are part of a team and share our lives with 15-20 drug addicted men and women who stay in our house for 1-2 years. We help them to get to know Jesus, Lees verder