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It has been a while since our last newsletter, and we would just like to give you an update on our lives.
It is a pleasure for us to welcome visitors to our place. At the end of 2009 and beginning 2010 we received several guests at our house: Jackie (USA); Miora (Madagascar); Josefine and Sarah (Sweden) and André and Maria (the Netherlands). We were quite pleased that André (Jaco’s brother) and his wife Maria, decided to take the long journey to South Africa, and to spend some time with us.

Before the end of March we had to renew the lease contract for our home and this normally means an increase in the rent. We decided to be bold and to ask for a decrease instead of an increase. Amazingly, the owners agreed so we had our rent lowered.

On the 1st of March Charmaine heard that her work contract will not be renewed. She is now in a place where she needs to think about the next step. Please stand with her in prayer as she is seeking God’s guidance in this matter.

Jaco is still involved in prison work at Pollsmoor prison 3 days a week. He mainly works with the pre release offenders, and also does Bible study with the prisoners awaiting trial. In the pre release group the focus is on preparing the inmates for release, and they talk a lot about drugs and alcohol, getting help from God and people and about having a vision for the future.

He is also involved in reaching out in Lavender Hill, a township close to us. Jaco and some others started with a support group that was mainly aimed at ex-prisoners, but not exclusively to them. The group also serves as a support for those who are reaching out in the community. There are 2 persons – Charmaine and Gabriel -who are the main driving forces in this group. Both of them have been to prison and have been notorious in the community. They are now radical Christians and are using their experiences to influence the area.

Gabriel has started a program for dropouts from school who want to learn but are too old to go to a regular school. Jaco is assisting him with this project.

The situation with regard to money owed to us is sadly not resolved yet, and we hope to receive it before June. Your ongoing prayer in this regard will be highly appreciated.

In June we are planning to go on outreach to Mozambique with a small team. We want to visit Corrie Ockhuijsen who runs an orphanage in Maputo. We hope to visit Europe again in 2011.


•    Charmaine’s work situation
•    The court case regarding the finances
•    Prison work and  aftercare in Lavender Hill

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