Healing & Graduation


Queridos Amigos,



Lieza, Heleninha,Debora & Vasco

First of all some news about our children. At the moment we have 22. They are our treasures and our first priority. They need so much special care, and love and help in their spiritual growth.Lieza is our newest girl. She came as a weak and sad child. And very small for her age, 9 years. Her mother and sister had died from Aids, her father far away in Zambezia. We found out that she had started Aids treatment years ago already, had recovered from serious sicknesses as Kaposi, but when the mother herself got too sick, she had stopped the treatment.

In the first month that Lieza was with us she was three timesadapted to hospital, hadfive blood transfusions, and still had a bad anaemia. But after one more transfusion, suddenlyher blood was ok. Praise the Lord. She is going to school now, is muchmore happy and accepted the Lord. She still has treatment for tuberculosis. Vasco still needs a lot of prayer, and will have his last dose of chemotherapy this month. Sometimes he goes to school and that is a big victory. He walks with some help or rides a bicycle. Heleninha is doing fine and studies in 5th grade. Debora stays at the moment with a couple from Cuba, Judel and Myrta. In our house, with so many different people looking after her, she was not growing well. Now she has gained one kilo already in one month time.



These are “students” from our preschool, who had an official graduation. Now they started in primaryschool. Many new children came in preschool this year, and there are over 50 at the moment. Besides learning the colours, counting and writing skills, it is kind of evangelism. At home they tell their families that they should pray for their meals!

Judel and Myrta are a blessing for us. They have left Cuba as missionaries but are never allowed to go back to their home country to live there anymore. They hope to start a ministry like ours, (Also with Iris Ministries) close by us, and take in some more children that need special care like Vasco and Debora or new children. Pray for their financial situation and that God will give them a house.

Amina is a 17 year old girl, who is with us already since she was eight. Last year she helped usin the preschool, and now she started a DTS (Discipelship Training School) with Youth with a Mission. Her family, who are not christians are giving her a hard time, but she stands firm in the Lord



These are some of the people and children from our church who were baptised lately. Our church is different every time. Now we have three churches, in Jonasse, Chinunanquilo and here with us. Pastor Joao is still in America, but others are helping out. Pastor Fernando is overseeing the churches, and Pastor Arlindo is helping with evangelism. He has a heart for the people, and I hope that one day he will be our official pastor. Augusto is amazing as youth leader. He has grown up here. His family with at least 10 more sons, are our neighbours. Augusto is such a testimony of how God can change somebody’s life. It would be great if his brothers would follow his example.

Prayer requests:

Please keep praying for Vasco. We would like so much to see him healthy and strong.

Please keep also praying for all our workers and especially for Judel and Myrta that they can start their own house, which is so much on their heart.

Please also pray for Amina,for her time in the DTS, and that she also may go on outreach .And for our documentation, and all the paperwork, andfor more help with all the work.

Thank you so much for your prayers and friendship,


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