For the last years we have been involved in a rehabilitation center for drug addicts. We both went through the program ourselves around 15 years ago. This really helped us to understand the people. no matter how ruined their lives were by drugs, prison, hatred and hopelessness – we knew: what Jesus did for us, He could also do for them! It was amazing to see people beeing set free from years of addiction and beeing literally changed into new creations, as the bible says in 2nd cor. 5,17.

But through the last years we always felt our hearts beating for other nations, for missions and evangelism. This summer it became clear: Our time in the drug rehabilitation work is running out and we are moving into a new ministry: in January 2010 we will start working with an international school for evangelism and missions  (S.E.M.), which is  also part of FCJG.

This school is not a classical bible school but it is a one or two year training for people who want to go into mission work and evangelism in other nations or in their home countries. The emphasis is on evangelism and world mission; mercy ministries; theological-based bible teaching; worship; prayer; prophecy; God’s kingdom in power; our destiny and identity in God.

Staff of S.E.M., leaders of FCJG as well as national and international guest speakers lay solid foundations in comprehending the word of God and the voice of the Holy Spirit. Living together in community and supporting missionary work provides many opportunities to exercise what has been learned.

Our tasks will be counseling and mentoring for the students, working with them in the house, organizing and leading outreaches into other nations, giving biblical teaching,  etc.