Rehab Perspective

We – Eddi (from Germany) and Désirée (from Luxembourg/Belgium) – are part of the German organization ‚FCJG’ (Free Christian Youth Fellowship), which was founded by former Hippies in the early 70ies during the Jesus Movement.

We live and work in the drug-rehab-center ‚Haus Wiedenhof’. Around 15 years ago we both went through the program ourselves, This helps us to understand and help others with similar problems. We are part of a team and share our lives with 15-20 drug addicted men and women who stay in our house for 1-2 years. We help them to get to know Jesus, we give biblical teaching about subjects that are close to their lives, discipleship-training in every-day-life and counseling. This gives them perspective and a good foundation for a future without drugs as responsible, independent participants of society. Many of them stay with our community, some go to the mission field or stay in other churches.

We can take in people from all ages because we do not depend on financial support from the government. Sometimes the oldest is around 50 years while the youngest is not even 20 years old.

Eddi is part of the Wiedenhof-team since 2001, Désirée joined the team 4 years later, when she got married with Eddi. Before she worked in other areas of FCJG-community like missions-training-school and public relations.