Newsletter August 2009


for the first time anewsletter in English! (or in my Dutch-English, anyhow…) There are more and more English speaking people visiting us, which is a blessing for us.

There is a lot to tell, so let me start: This picture shows our children in Boane during Africa’s children’s day. Later on they looked even more happy, because they got the second price with their dances. 


Latelywe have had also many people from Holland here. Andrea and Elza stayed for three months and cleaned up our house, organized alot of stuff, and made it so beautiful!We have had a team from “Lighthouse” with Tineke Bouwman. They did morea clean up in the spiritual realm…. here and also in Maluane at Pastor Fernando’s center, wherea witchcraft doctor gave her heart to the Lord. And in July we had a medical team with Tim and others.They ministered in Jonasse, an hour away from here. We built a church on a piece of land that was offered to us, so that they can have their own sevices there, gave out food and medicines and saw people healed through prayer. People are so hungry for the Lord,there was an open heaven! We hope and pray that this new church will be full of fire.

Our vision has become more and more to help others to develop their own vision and to help them start their own center, instead of taking in more children here. This also because our house is so full, that children share beds already. Last month we came in contact with some nice people in Matola Rio who have a daycare center, project Azluverde,and would like to have a place for orphans to live with them. Although they are not a ChristianNGO all the people working with them are Christians. They were offered a house in Chinonanquila, but the house needs renovation (windows and doors). My question is if you want to consider to give a donation to the house, if so, you can transfer it to our account, mentioning that it is for “Project Azluverde”.We don’t take responsibility for this project, but would like to help them where possible.


Still we got five more children here in the last few months: Vuzi and Mulando, two brothers, who were with us during the day already, now live with us. The school didn’t accept them anymore, unless they would stay with us, and at least take a bath before coming to school…. Their school results improved with 200% or more! Debora is our new baby, 6 month old, a beautiful little princess. When she came she was very weak and small and HIV+, but the Pcr (a test that shows the virus itself in the blood) proved the opposite, PTL. Now she is growing and getting strong.

Ernesto is an 8 year old albino boy, with Aids and serious sight problems. In the beginning he thought that the whole world was against him, especially all the children. He is doing better now, but still needs a lot of prayer. A few months ago we found Lúcia, all by herself, with a little bit of rice that she had cooked herself. Her grandmother was away for two weeks already. We found a plastic bag with Antiretrovirals of 3 months, that she never had taken. Lúcia is 11 years old, loud but nice. She prays also loud and full fire and with her whole heart. We have seen already children getting healed by her prayers.

Prayer requests:

-Vasco is still in bed, because of his foot that is hurting. It is getting better, and we trust the Lord for complete healing

– Judel en Myrtha, a couple from Cuba, who want to come and help us, but where are they going to live?Pray also for their finances

– All the official documents that we need for the house, and permission to go on building

Thank you so much for your prayers and friendship,


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