Shelter & Retreat

Dear Friends

We hope you are all doing well and are surviving the economic crisis. Some of our friends in South Africa are struggling to find work or to get paid for jobs done.
Our friend Sjaak van Seters from Namibia recently visited us in Cape Town, on his way to The Netherlands. We always enjoy having him over for a few days, and he can also connect with our home group after they visited his church in Namibia.
Charmaine is still working at a shelter for abused women. It is a place of safety where women can go with their children to escape the abuse of their partners. Sometimes the women come from very traumatic circumstances, and we try to empower them and get them on their feet again. It is however only crisis intervention and they can stay in the shelter, for a maximum 3 months.
Jaco is going to Pollsmoor prison 3 times a week to teach and sometimes preach. He really likes it, and finds it quite rewarding. In the meantime he still teaches Dutch to children on a Friday.
Both of us are currently presenting a counselling course for a church in Retreat, once a week. They want to start a counseling centre and the community of Retreat has a lot of social problems, which include poverty, unemployment and alcohol and drug abuse. The use of methamphetamine (tik) is rife under young people on the Cape Flats and is a cheaper version of speed that is available. In the near future we hope to reach out more to the people of this area.
We are now preparing for our holiday in Europe and will leave the 20th of June for a month, and will go to Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. We are looking forward to meet friends and family and we are very thankful that we can stay with my mother and friends most of the time.