Three weeks in, so before you all start to forget me, another newsletter. Genesis seemed a good title, since it means “in the beginning”. And what a beginning. When I arrived at the airport of Pemba the whole Hospitality Team was waiting there for me. They all wanted to be there to welcome the new team member.

Team photo: back row – Chris and Horacio; middle row – Jennifer, Saibo, Awa and Tabarra; front row – me, Mario and Laura.

Then off to my house on the base. That again was a wonderful surprise. I didn’t know they just renovated three studios here on base and even less that one of them was for me. Just look at the pictures to see why I was so surprised. And on top of that I am blessed with awesome neighbours.

Man, I am so very blessed that I get to live and work here. Every morning I wake up and roll out off bed into my hammock on my porch to start the day with Jesus and every morning again I realise how blessed I am.

Coming back here I can honestly say I have two homes: Den Haag in Holland and Pemba in Mozambique.

Every day life

The picture above is what I get to see every morning when I walk from my house to my work at the Visitor’s Center. This picture is taken in de Prayer Garden on base and in the back you can see the blue sky and the beautiful blue water of the Indian Ocean.

Every year the base here in Pemba welcomes around 1000 visitors from all over the world to help Iris here with all the wonderful work they do. My job (with the rest of the team) is to host and facilitate those visitors and make sure they feel welcome, safe and loved.

In every day life this means we are working for six days a week and have a day off on Saturday. On the six days we do all the practical stuff like picking up and dropping off people at the airport, making sure the rooms are ready and clean, tell people about the program and the outreach (I will tell more about outreach in my next newsletter) and administration of all sorts.

But even more important is our focus on the person behind the visitor. We make it a priority and make time to connect with the people who visit us. We listen to them, pray over them, laugh a lot with them, encourage them and making sure they feel welcome and not feel left behind.. And in all of that it is very beautiful to see, that while they are here to serve and help others, they receive so much themselves.

And it’s all Jesus! Love Him more every day!.


A whole lot of people in church! At the moment we have 300 Mozambican Bible School students and 250 Harvest School students (I will tell more about both in other newsletters) on base. So together with all Mozambican workers and the longterm missionaries that makes a full church.

This also means a lot of worship and prayer, but still I kindly ask you to remember me in your time of prayer. Pray for the ministry, pray for all the wonderful people I meet, pray for Mozambique, pray for Hospitality, pray for Iris Global, pray for me and my health and pray to give glory to Jesus.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. Bless you all!