Corrie Ockhuysen, Newsletter May 2017

Queridos  amigos  e família,

It ‘s winter! No more temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, and sometimes even a sweater or socks and shoes. I think, this is great. The Mozambican children who have to go to school at 6 am, may not agree …Last month we celebrated Easter and next week we will have a baptism service. We believe that the same power that God used to raise His Son from the death, also works in and through us:

and His incomparably great power for us who believe. That power is the same as the mighty strength He exerted when He raised Christ from the death…” (Eph.1:19)

We received three new boys: Mario, Ivo and Armando. All three of them needed so much a place where people care for them, and show acceptance. Mario is 15 years old, and his weight was only 22 kg when he came. After his parents died, he stayed with uncles and nephews who made him live in kind of a shed, and gave his food through the window. Other days there was no food for him at all… the only reason: Mario has Aids. Now, after two months here, he is 28.5 kilo’s and  improving such a lot. He is the only boy here who may choose what he wants to eat, as long as it is healthy food. And, believe it or not,  he has proved to be a very good cook, so he prepares his food in my house, and also  makes something for his friends Ivo and Armando. My house looks more like a restaurant these days. Ivo has a resistance (CD4) of almost 0. Besides Aids, he is epileptic, and  gets tb treatment. In the morning he takes 10 tablets, in the evening “only” 5. Please pray for him that he soon can start second line Aids medicines, so that his Cd4 will go up. Pray for all 3 boys that God’s protection and healing hand will be on them. Armando will  hopefully have his last chemo therapy tomorrow. He has a kind of skin cancer that often comes together with Aids. He is a special and very sensitive boy. He has no parents, but despite all his sicknesses and difficulties he told me; “I think I am so lucky, because I have been only in one hospital and Ivo already in three.” I think I can learn something from this boy…

Pai Macamo with Mercia

These three boys took the place of three older boys, Betinho, Vasco and Vusi. They have been reintegrated with their families. I have found out that it is easier to receive a new child than to give a child back to the family. Endless conversations, investigations and offers to help the family. For Vasco and Betinho we help now the whole family with food, rent and other costs.


Katy Allen from the States has started to work as a missionary with us. She is a blessing. She knows a lot about medicines, which is very helpful especially now with the new boys. At this moment she is back in America to apply for a new residence visa. Please,  pray that she may succeed and come back soon.Also pray for a male missionary to come and help us in many ways.

Short news:

  • the older girls are in their own dorm now, such a cozy place, and they like it a lot
  • Mercia, the three year old girl, who has  been sick so often, is doing very well
  • Zefanias is going now to the same school as Zidan, where he gets a lot more special attention.
  • We have had some wonderful days with Marco and Esther Eijsackers from Dordrecht
  • Our car was in a bad accident, but now we got already a new one, and the other one wil be repaired, by the insurance company. So then we will have 2 minibusses
  • Romans 8: 28 ☺
  • Tomorrow Henk and Anneke will come with a small team. They will organize a Fatherheart seminar, and we will do some outreaches.
  • Odalia’s mother is still in hospital after being hit by a car. She needs a lot of prayer for full recovery

We are finally in the process of buying a new piece of land in Stevel. Pray with us that we soon can start a church there.

Once again we want to thank you for your friendship, prayers and support

Corrie  and