Update Eddi & Désirée

Here we are back after a bit of time. We write you to let you know about changes and news in our life.
As most of you know the past two years were a kind of sabbatical for us. We are still moved and really thankful about your care, support and friendship during that special season. Now we are facing news steps of faith. So there is a lot to share with you …

A little throwback: sabbatical 2015-2016

It was significant, necessary and soooo good for us to take enough time allowing God to heal and renew things in our hearts and then – according to His timing – to open new perspectives. We are extremely thankful for friends, mentors and leaders who had that perspective and who supported, exhorted, helped and counseled us during that season.

Part of it was to move out of our flat at the FCJG school. Exactly at the right time we were offered a completely renovated flat in the center of our city Luedenscheid. It is located in a house where short time ago a new small community of young people from our fellowship had been started. It’s cool to live in the same house with them and to meet for brunch on Sunday, celebrate birthdays together or just chat in the stairway.

That was in the time when all the refugees from Syria and other nations came to Germany. Emergency shelters were looking for supervisors to care for all those people and Eddi got a job in a shelter for refugees for eight months. He had a lot of opportunities to pray for people there and to touch them with the love of God in various ways; several experienced God’s power and healing.

Eddi: ‘God drew me into prayer, during my night shifts in the refugee shelter as well as just spending a lot of time with Him. Often I went to the prayer mountain and I started to realize that the prayer mountain and the day and night worship were on my heart.
At the same time it was and still is crucial for me to allow God to continue His work in my heart and to schedule enough time for that. Over and over again He is drawing me into His peaceful restfulness and deeper into trusting Him completely.’

Desiree: ‘The Holy Spirit has delivered me more than a year ago from insomnia and from fear that hindered me to drive longer distances on my own. That was an absolute miracle! And He has used my testimony to bless others: One young lady enjoys driving again after I prayed for her, others testify that they are able to sleep a lot better.
Under God’s fatherhood and protection creative artistic gifts that had lain dormant start to come out. Next time I’ll tell you more about that.’

What’s up now? A short view on 2017

In the middle of 2016 Eddi started to work in a christian music and book company. Soon God showed us in a very clear way that he shouldn’t work there longer than until the end of 2016. But for weeks, even months He didn’t say anything more! In prayer we asked: ‘Jesus, are you calling us on the water again, which means into full time ministry?’
After praying intensively about it and having some conversations with our leaders it became clear that it’s time to take our first steps back into full time ministry in FCJG.

We are both now part of the 24/7 prayer house team and FCJG kingdom ministries. That includes different areas: Eddi is overseeing a main part of organizing our next conference Re-Formation Fire, he has practical jobs on the prayer mountain and he is in the pioneer team for the 24/7 prayer and worship.
Desiree is also in the prayer mountain team, helps with PR and sometimes joins FCJG communication tours.
You can read more about FCJG Kingdom Ministries, the Re-Formation Fire conference and the Prayer Mountain when you click on the names.

Faith life

As some of you know, FCJG is a ministry based on faith. That means that all of FCJGs ministry branches are financed entirely (or mostly) by donations. We as staff take our part in it along with the leaders by praying and by believing God for at least a part of our monthly wage. For those of you who want to support us in that, you are most welcome. Monthly gifts would help us a lot as right now we are facing a requirement of a few hundred euros per month to pay for housing, food and other necessities of life. Thank to God’s promise ‘first and most importantly seek His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you also’, we are confident that He will do it. Thank you for every prayer and support. One-time gifts also help us, as we’ll always have special expenses like outreaches and so on. For those of you who’d like to know more about that kind of ‘faith life’, be welcome to ask us.