Jaco & Charmaine, February 2017

At the beginning of 2017 we pray that you will be filled with the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord. We would also like to thank you for your support to us in whatever way.

We took a 2 week break just after Christmas and took a road trip to Durban, stopping at different places along the way. As our ministry is mainly to meet people we also used our holiday to do this. We also met some friends in unexpected places. We have some staff members that are attached to YWAM Muizenberg, but serve in other parts of South Africa. One person that we visited is working in a rural part of the Eastern Cape as a physiotherapist. She appreciated our visit as she is situated in a very remote place. We also visited some YWAM friends in Jeffrey’s Bay.

Since our last newsletter we have been quite busy in Cape Town, and God has used us in different ways to touch the lives of others.

Our vision for 2016 was to do more things together as a couple. Since we became more established in our own ministries, we each did our own thing, and not so much as a couple. When we initially joined the staff component of YWAM Muizenberg, our focus was to act as support for the staff members. We often have people over at our house for meals – on average once per week. Through this we can have fellowship, but also check in with people and see how they are doing. When people leave their family, friends and their nations behind, it is not always easy to adjust to a new culture and to make friends. It give us great delight to be here as a source for them.

We find that we have more people reaching out to us for counselling, and we are working with some newlyweds who are married cross-culturally. We can thus use our own cross- cultural experience as a frame of reference, as we are mentoring these couples.

We also sometimes get to do one-on-ones with the Discipleship Training School (DTS) students. Sometimes there are quite deep issues that the students have to deal with, and the school staff does not always feel equipped enough to deal with it.

Jaco is continuing with his work in the prison, but is looking for new challenges this year. His main goal in the prison ministry is to connect fatherless men with their Father in heaven.

Charmaine has been involved with various programmes over the past 6 months. She has been standing in as social worker for a month at S-cape, a safe house for victims of human trafficking and exploitation, while the social worker who works there was on leave. She is also continuing to support and mentor the social worker of the safe house.

Charmaine in the Facilitators and Assessors training

She also did a Facilitators and Assessors course. The training department of YWAM is busy with application for accreditation for our schools within the South African education system. In order to qualify for this we need training staff to be trained as facilitators and assessors. Sound of the Nations, the ministry that Charmaine work with, will run a Discipleship Training School (DTS) in April 2017, and she will be on staff of this school. She is mainly responsible for the administration for the ministry, and they are currently busy with the planning for this school. If you know of anybody interested in doing a DTS, they can apply via the website: www.ywammuizenberg.org

Please pray with us for:

  • Jaco’s work within the prison, and vision for the future
  • Sound of the Nations DTS, and Charmaine’s role within the team
  • Our work with the YWAM Muizenberg staff
  • Financial provision