Corrie Ockhuysen, October 2016

100_1497-24Queridos amigos e família,


Last week we had a strike here in our center. Our educators and other workers didn’t want to work anymore, because of their wages.  That is understandable when you realize that prices have gone up such a lot in the last half a year. Due to international debts and dishonest use of international financial help, Mozambique is in trouble and although I am not an economic expert, I can see that the government makes the people pay in order  to resolve their problems. Also Mozambique has  to deal with the extreme high exchange rate for dollar and euro. Here in our center we decided to give a bonus every month, as long as the exchange rate stays so high. But even with a bonus, the situation stays a bit unstable. We appreciate your prayers. What touched me more than anything else that day during the strike, was the support from the children. They cooked, they cleaned and they prayed. I felt so much closer to them.


100_2720-28 mercia-26

I lost my heart to Mercia and many more people and children here love this little girl. She also made it clear to me that we still have a task in Mozambique. Mercia is two years and nine months old, but very small. She is living with us, since her mother abandoned her. The mother  left her behind at the house of one of our educators, and told her that she would come back in half an hour. In her bag we found Aids medication for three months, which means that for a long period of time she had not had any medication. No wonder that her resistance (CD4 count) is very low now and she suffers from pneumonia many times. Two weeks ago she had to stay in hospital for a few days.  But even her health being weak, emotionally she is doing better every day. She is coming alive and plays and laughs. If she wants something from the  children, she hits them and runs after them. The children think that that is great and so funny… One day we’ll have to start educating her in a different way … ☺.


Dedicating Gabriel


In our ministry we live by gifts and sponsor programs for 100 %. In the last ten years I’ve seen God’s faithfulness soooo clearly in the financial area. Once again it is good to say thank you to anyone who supports our children in whatever way. In order to keep personal gifts and gifts for the ministry separated in a good way, it is important to mention it when a gift is for personal use, If not, it goes to the ministry.


Father and son are painting


  • Nelia and Pedro have a beautiful baby boy, Gabriel. They want to get married soon, or at least receive a church blessing on their relationship. (For a real wedding you have to save money for 40 years or more…)
  • The Girls’ dorm is almost finished. At this moment Colacio and his father are doing the painting.
  • The blocks project is going well. For the second time we are going to sell blocks. Hopefully the people who have offered to restore our wall will also “buy” our blocks.


  • We have started a creative project with the mothers form church and our older girls. Anybody living in Holland or Switzerland can admire and buy our products when we meet ☺.
  • Probably Betinho en Lúcia will  start soon with a job in the cashew nut company led by Don and Terri Larson
  • Henk en Anneke Bruggeman have been here with a team. We had a mini Father heart Conference.  Intimacy   was the theme.  It was a time with some spiritual battle, (thunderstorms, lack of water and electricity and a strike) but it was good!

put your order now ☺


From Decmber 5th untill January 14th we will be in Holland and Switzerland. We are looking forward to a time of rest and being with friends, family and church. On Saturday the 17th of December we will have Open House to meet with you and give an update about the ministry. On the 5th of January I’ll celebrate my birthday. Guess How old I will be (it ends with a 0)

As always, thank you so much for friendship, prayers and support!

Corrie and