Newsletter Jaco and Charmaine, June 2016

We are currently busy with the final arrangements for our time in Europe during June and July. We are looking forward to meeting up with friends and family.

Charmaine is getting more involved with Sound of the Nations. It is a ministry of YWAM that is focusing on worship and helping participants to discover their unique as well as various cultural expressions of worship, and to step into their own identity. They presented another 6-week seminar during March/April with 12 students from 6 different nations. A lot of inner healing has happened during the school, and the students found restoration of their identity. This time around the students were mainly from a western culture, and that is the “flavour” that they bring to the seminar. Students also have the opportunity to write their own songs, and sing it at the community meeting.

Sound of the Nations is developing more into an ongoing ministry, and work with local churches, doing church services and weekend outreaches. We are also looking into other areas to serve the base and the community. During October there will also be a 3 week seminar being held in Kochi, India. At this stage Charmaine will not join the team in India, but rather focus on the work in Cape Town.

The CD we worked on during the seminar in 2015 has been released earlier this year with 11 original songs written by students and staff. The album is called “Sound of the Nations” and is also available on i-tunes. We will have some CDs available on our visit to Europe. If anybody is interested please let us know. You can also join our Facebook page: Sound of the Nations YWAM.

Jaco is still busy in Pollsmoor prison with men that are awaiting trial. There are about 4300 men in this prison and living conditions are harsh. However, the men are very open to the gospel and the authorities are very co-operative in general. They see the impact the gospel has on these men, and are welcoming towards spiritual workers.

One of these men Jaco ministered to was a Hindu who decided to become a Christian. His wife was already a Christian but his (Hindu) family was not amused when he told them. He was a drug trafficker who made a lot of money, but he has given up on this completely. He sleeps much better since he made that decision and he is totally at peace about his situation, although he still could get a long sentence. He also asked his wife to send his children to Sunday School, which she did.

Prayer points:

  • Our trip to Europe (16 June-19 July)
  • Jaco’s work within the prison
  • Charmaine’s work with Sound of the Nations
  • Our finances – Youth with a Mission does not pay us salaries, and we need to raise our own support. If you want to partner with what God is doing in South Africa through us, your financial contributions would be appreciated.