Corrie Ockhuysen – Newsletter May 2016



Queridos amigos e família,

Another newsletter from Mozambique. The last one was eight months ago, so I hope that you still remember who we are…  Let me tell you first something about life in Mozambique these days.  Here in Matola everything is ok, but in the middle of the country  people are hungry  because of drought.  Also the prices get up every day, because of the high exchange rate of dollar and euro. A bag of 25 kilo rice is almost doubled in price. To make things worse, people found out that the former government (and the present government as well?) stole lots and lots of money given by first world countries  for the development of Mozambique. They say that  it will take 50 years to pay it back…

So, please pray for Mozambique for more rain, and less corruption.

Finally we found a good school for Zidan! After having done the 2nd grade 3 times at a normal school, and   walking up and down to school every day with his deficient legs without complain, he deserved something better… Now he is more than happy, and gets lots of special attention.



Since two weeks we have our own water! The grandmother of a baby that used to live with us, made it all possible. People came with a huge machine and drilled 30 meters deep, and found water of good quality!



Last week I was in South Africa with friends from Holland and enjoyed so much to see  the animals in Kruger Wildpark again. We stayed in a beautiful resort and even from our balcony we could see the elephants walking by.



A team from Belgium was here for a few days and brought suitcases full of Lego. Such a joy for the kids. Every day they ask for it, and they run for it.

10 years

This year we will celebrate our 10th birthday. A good reason to look back. I am especially grateful for the health of our children. 10 Years ago we still struggled so much more with Aids. Children died of Aids. But now our children are so much stronger, mostly  because of better medicines. And even more compared with the years that I worked in Brazil, when there were no medicines at all. We lost so many children. I remember Thyatra. She was only 4 kilo’s when she went to heaven. Now many of our children have an undetectible viral load, which means that there is hardly any virus in the blood.   We have never been short of medicines. Not one day in these 10 years we had to tell a child that there were no medicines for him or her that day.

Neither have we had lack of food. We never had to skip a meal. God is Good and He is faithful.


This machine was donated to us last month. It is an electric machine to make blocks. We will use it for our church in Chinonanquila, our girl’s dorm and maybe we can sell blocks in the future. But the main purpose is that our older boys like Colacio and Hipolito can learn some skills that will help them to make a future.

We hope also to start soon making our own bread, as another project for the older children.

Once again, thank you so much for friendship, prayers and support!

Corrie and