Jaco & Charmaine Dijkshoorn – December 2015

Kevin, the school leader, sharing his story

Kevin, the school leader, sharing his story

Charmaine resigned from her job a few months ago, and is now fulltime involved with YWAM, Muizenberg. She recently completed the “Sound of the Nations course” where she was on staff. It is a 6 week worship course designed to help students to find their voice and to release their unique and cultural sound in order to create new avenues for God’s love to flood the nations. The students are not only learning about worship, but also about God’s heart for the nations, identity and cultural redemption. God is speaking to them and is also bringing healing in those vulnerable areas in their lives.

They also did a live recording of original songs written by the students and staff of the course. You can check it out on our Facebook page: Sound of the Nations. There will be another course that will be running during March/April 2016. If you are interested or know of somebody else who might be interested the information can be found on www.ywammuizenberg.org

image3Out of the Sound of the Nations courses a ministry is being established, and Charmaine will be part of this. The focus will be to reach out to churches and communities and present seminars on worship.

Charmaine also continues to work with Community Health and member care. We are offering training to staff on debriefing and how to work with individuals and teams. As missionaries we give out to others a lot in our different ministries. It is also good to have a space where people can feel safe and have a sense of belonging. As a couple we often invite people over to our place for a meal, and in this space of fellowship we can minister to one another. It is often not about what is on your table, but who is around the table.

Class time and spontaneous worship

Class time and spontaneous worship


My work in the prison is still continuing. I am going every day to the prison except Sundays. Most guys that talk to me have a desire to change.

There was a problem with rats, and the prison had to be cleaned out. Some prisoners were moved to other sections. It seems to be under control now. Unfortunately 2 prisoners died from Leptospirosis (Weil’s disease) spread by the rats.

Next week one of the ladies who became a Christian in the prison gets married and invited us for the celebrations. She was in prison for 1 month, and it made such an impact on her life, that she realised she had to change. Her road till here was not easy, but she had a determination to follow Jesus. She is now very passionate about God and follows Him wholeheartedly.  She is clean drugs for a few years and is helping a lot of other ladies to follow Christ although she still lives in a drugs infested area.

Live recording at Base worship

Live recording at Base worship

We hope to go on short holiday in December visiting missionaries in South Africa and Lesotho. At this stage we really feel that we need a break, although we will still be engaging with our colleagues in the field.

Prayer requests

  • Jaco’s work in the prison
  • Charmaine’s work with The Sound of the Nations
  • Our work within YWAM Muizenberg through the Community Health Matrix
  • Our finances
  • Vision for the new year

We are wishing you all a joyous Christmas season and many blessings for 2016.

Jaco and Charmaine Dijkshoorn