Corrie Ockhuysen – September 2015

Heleninha in AsdQueridos amigos e família,

Heleninha  and  I are back again in Mozambique,  after a great time in Holland and in Switzerland. After these holidays, I have been in Pemba for a week for the Global Team Meetings from Iris Ministries.  Besides having a time of rest, meeting with lots of people, and being in nature, was it also good to hear God speaking about growth and “rapid”. And indeed we see suddenly things happen:

  • A missionary has come  to help: Thalita Ramos from Brazil, 21 years old with a heart for children and evangelism. She will stay at least for half a year.
  • My house is in the process of  being renovated. A Lady from S. Africa, very sick herself, took initiative and now they repair and   renew everything. It started with the leaking roof, after that  they noticed the rotten wood, the doors, lack of space, etc. In the next letter I’ll show you the result. Or come and see yourself ☺. It will be bonita (beautiful).
  • There are plans now to start building a dorm for older girls, another answer to prayer.  It will be a little house on our property for 12 girls.
  • We are going to buy a piece of land in “Stevel”, a remote area, to start a new church.
  • We are thinking of starting an evangelism program in one of the hospitals nearby.
  • And finally the water tower has arrived: A water tank, so high up that the water will come down with enough pressure, even for the showers to work. Are we going to say good bye to bucket showers? We believe that these improvements in the natural are also a symbol for what is going to happen in the spiritual realm. More living water, so that we will see more and more the promise of Isaiah 43: 18 coming true: “See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up”

mijn huisje.... Thalita Oma geworden ? ☺ Oma geworden ? ☺

Two sweet baby girls. Amelia and Beatriz have both a baby. Amelia lives with Christina, the educator who is like a mother to her. Cristina helps her with taking care of the baby, Lissara. She was premature, probably born with 7 months, and 2 kilo’s, but she is doing very well and  is growing.

Amina, the baby of Beatriz, was born a few weeks ago, 3 kilo’s, and is also doing well. Beatriz went back to live with Joaquim, Amina’s father . Pray for him that he will get to know the Lord and that he will change. At the  moment  he is violent.

Please, keep our oldest boys in your prayers as well. Pray for Betinho, Hipolito, Benedito and others that God will open the right doors for their future. In Holland somebody received a word from the Lord that those older boys will bring fruit for our ministry. I keep to that promise, rather than being worried about them.

Once again, thank you so much for your friendship, prayers and support!

Corrie and IMG_3135