Newsletter June 2015 – Jaco and Charmaine

Dear Friends!

“Be still and know that I am God. “Ps. 46:11

I am still busy with the awaiting trial prisoners. In the prison are about 4300 man, most of them stressed about the outcome of their trial. The waiting takes longer if the prisoner pleads not guilty. The waiting can take up to 5 years. Although the prison is overcrowded the living conditions are similar for many come as they come from poor areas. At least there is enough food every day.

I work with a team of approximately 16, mostly voluntary, workers. We are 15 Christians and one muslim, who has become a friend through the years. Most workers come once a week but I try to be there every day.

Recently a rasta(farian) came to talk to me. His father is a rasta who sells marijuana and his mother is a Christian. He lived a few years as a rasta selling and smoking weed. He told me about the fights between the rasta’s and that he saw it was not giving him the peace he wanted. In fact it brought him to prison for attempted murder of another rasta. He wanted to follow Jesus and said he wanted to cut off his dreadlocks.

Charmaine felt that her time at the shelter where she worked has come to an end, and she left her job at the end of March. She will now be fulltime involved with YWAM. She continues to work with Community Health and member care, while she is waiting on God for the next step. This involves taking care of staff members. We are currently busy with various programmes to make new staff feel welcome on the base. Along with some other staff members we are also did debriefing training, as this is such an important and often neglected aspect for all missionaries. The aim is to form a team that can offer debriefing to the rest of the staff.

We like you to pray for our financial situation. As Charmaine doesn’t have a paid job anymore our expenses are only covered for 50% by donations and my part time job as Dutch teacher.
I am also looking for funding for bibles for prisoners. Many prisoners love to read the bible.
A bible will cost me approximately 3 euro and my stock is almost depleted.

Prayer requests

  • Jaco’s work in the prison
  • Our work within YWAM Muizenberg
  • Our finances