Short news Corrie Ockhuysen

Stefania has been operated because of her “o” legs, hopefully they are now “I” legs

Queridos amigos en família,

Like I had promised before, more often some news:

”The mountains and hills may crumble, but my love for you will never end; I will keep forever my promise of peace.”

I read this verse from Isaiah 54. It is an encouragement, especially in times like these, when there is so much going on in our ministry. But the children are doing fine, they are all healthy. Stefania is happy as always, even now that she cannot walk, she moves around using her hands, and she is fast! Beto and Sarifa, the new brother and sister seem to be ok, and glad being with us. Beto started with Anti Retrovirals last week. Sarifa was tested two times for HIV, because of the sexual abuse. Both tests were negative, PtL. After a few months they’ll do one moretest . Sarifa studies in the Christian school and is proud of her uniform and schoolbag. The older boys give us troubles, since they don’t like school, and they miss out  a lot. We pray and talk with them, and hope that it will get better. Nelia came back to live with us. Mama Helena couldn’t handle the situation anymore. She is pregnant and will have her baby soon. We still don’t know if the father of the baby is willing to marry her. At the moment she is not in leadership of the church.


Who knows Iris Ministries and Heidi Baker, knows probably also these words: “There will always be enough”. Sometimes it is a challenge to hold on to those words. At least our financial situation makes us very dependent on the Lord and helps us to pray every day of the week and every hour of the day ☺. We live in faith and by donations 100%. Sometimes people think that the government helps us, but they just like our taxes to come in on time ☺


This month we had a ladies conference here. It was nice to have so many women with us, seeing them making food for all of them, sleeping in the church and attending the services lead by Mae Linda, Pastor José’s wife.  There was fire


My brother Gijs came to visit. First we planned some nice outings with the children, and after that we went to Swaziland for 5 days. Swaziland is such a beautiful country. We stayed in a wild park where we stood in front of those huge rhino’s, a bit scary…. We saw lots of animals, beautiful little roads in the mountains, and a lot more.

And now, Heleninha and I are looking forward to our trip to Holland. The whole month of July we will be with friends, family and church.


  • Please pray for the boys who don’t go to school so many times. Especially Vasco needs a lot of prayer.
  • Finances
  • Unity and the presence of the Lord in our midst. We have a bit a difficult situation with one of the educators, who doesn’t seem to understand that stealing can have consequences.

Lots of blessings, and thanks again for your support, friendship, and prayers,

Corrie en Heleninha