Newsletter Jaco and Charmaine June 2014

Dear friends and family,

At the moment it is autumn in Cape Town and we have sunny days followed by rainy days. Normally one day of the weekend is wet and the other sunny.

We are preparing for our vist to the Netherlands. We hope to be in Europe from the 19th of June till the 21th of July. We will be some time in the Netherlands visiting friends and family. We will stay in Stolwijk and Schoonhoven both near Gouda (cheese capital of Holland). If you like to meet us please let us know.During our stay we hope go to France, Andorra and Barcelona for a while.

Ministry wise we are happy we joined YWAM Muizenberg. We are more and more becoming part of a family of radical Christians. We specially enjoy the weekly worship meetings and the bottom up leadership style. Muizenberg is the biggest base in Africa with more than 200 staff members. The base is mainly used for school students and offices while the staff lives in the community. At the moment there is a lot of uncertainty about the visa situation for the staff. Most of them are on a voluntary worker permit which is abolished per 1th of June. I am not affected because I have a permanent resident status

I (Jaco) still continue to work in Pollsmoor prison. I try to go in every morning but that is sometimes not possible. There is a lot of openness among the older prisoners, so I mainly concentrate on them doing Bible study and counselling.

Charmaine continues working part time in the shelter for homeless people. She was asked to also assist with another shelter. Most of the people coming to the shelter do not have any financial means or family support. Due to partnerships with the City of Cape Town and other stakeholders some clients can be assisted with finding temporary employment. A big challenge in her work is to find alternative accommodation for the older people as the possibilities to move to an old age home is very limited.

Some of the long-term missionaries also want to learn to speak Afrikaans, and Charmaine has one student at the moment. She was also approached by others in this regard. Furthermore she is also involved with the women’s ministry in her former church, teaching spiritual dance to older women.

Prayer requests:

  • Jaco’s possiblity to go into the prison
  • Our time in Europe

We are looking forward to meet some of you in The Netherlands and France.

Jaco and Charmaine