CRC 2013 – Outreach, children conference, heavy rains

Support Trust is supporting John Panicker and CRC now for the last 15 years with donations and micro financing their dairy and agriculture project. Here some news and updates over 2013.


This year the team of CRC  visited some tribal villages, rehabilitation centers for drug and alcoholic people and a home for handicapped. A new initiative  have started called the ” mission Kerala” project. The aim is starting from the south most boarder of Kerala visiting  houses and share the gospel .  So far we could visit about 2300 houses. In these area’s live Muslims, Hindus and nominal Christians.  If people respond positive and want to know more about Jesus we have given the followup responsibility to the local churches. We are a team of  four and work togeher with  people from the local churches. We carry our own food cooked at home and travel  4 days in a week from  Monday to  Thursday.  We need prayers and financial support.

Childeren Conference

We also had a team visiting  of 15 young boys and girls from a church in Ireland  helping with a children conference.

Heavy Rains

You might have heard the news of heavy rain in India and the damages caused.  In Kerala there is still rain continuing in many places causing lots of damages . Unfortunatly CRC  also had some damage to the road which totally stopped the transporting to our CRC Campus. In this rain a good portion of our road has come down because there was no retaining wall.  This road needs  to be fixed and costs about 6000 Euro.


We ask you to support John Panicker and the CRC with a donation for the mission Kerala project or contribute to the fixing of the road.