Corrie Ockhuysen, september 2012

Queridos amigos,

From Ngwenya lodge in Komatipoort (South Africa) these pictures. The South African church here in Matola offered me a few beautiful and restful days in this park. From my garden I saw hundreds of birds and this huge lizard, at least 1,5 meters long. With my binoculars I could see the elephants and buffalo’s from Kruger wild park. To the church:  Baie dankie (=thank you so much)

A highlight in the last few months was Hypolito’s operation. Since a very long time he prayed and wanted so much, the hole in his cheek to be healed. Now, with this operation, his dream came through! Hypolito is a man of prayer. He went through  bad things in the past. The hole in his cheek was the result of malnourishment and  rejection  by the stepmother who in the end locked him up in his room without food nor water. When he came out of coma in the hospital, he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair. But he overcame everything and now is walking around and going to school.

At Albertina’s, a young mother from our church, are living now a few older girls. Also Nina, a pregnant girl that was sent away by her family is now with her, and got a beautiful baby: Elton. Albertina also got a baby: William. Albertina’s boyfriend left her when she was pregnant, and stole a lot of her stuff, and stuff from the house, so that she had to leave the house. Now she helps us with the girls, and we help her with the rent of a new house.

Also Amina lives now in a rental house, with Emily, a girl from our center, which  she wants to adopt in the future.  Amina who grew up herself in Iris Ministries, is now an official teacher in our preschool. Adelto, another man who grew up in Iris, now works as an educator. Both are not perfect yet, but at the other hand is it a beautiful testimony of God’s work in and through their lives. Both have a lot of potential.

Stefania came a few months ago, while she had severe malaria, anemia and Aids, but soon recovered  and turned out to be this beautiful girl. She loves my (new) cat, and the cat undergoes her play with him paciently.  Stefania’s older sister, Isabel, as small as Stefania, now also came to live with us, with exactly the same symptoms. And because she speaks like a 5 year old, but looks like a 2 year old, people are suprised. The father, very young himself, didn’t show a lot of  responsibility for the children, and left them with a niece. He stopped giving antiretrovirals to Stefania, which is a risk for her health. The mother died a year ago. They used to live in a small house, without a door.

Cristina, 12 years old, is Debora’s sister and stays in my house with Heleninha. The situation with her family was bad, her father beating her when he was drunk or high. Two other older girls with Aids en Tb should also come to live with us, because their health and live is at risk, but the family refuses to get in contact with us. Please pray for these girls.

Children’s day was a wonderful celbration for 250 children from neighborhood. It was a miracle that we had enough cake for so many children, because we had counted on 150 children. Another miracle was that the presents for girls were multiplied. We had no more than 80 presents but all the girls got one! Almost everything for children’s day was given to us, which was another blessing, because our financial situation is still a concern.

Dircio is doing better, even when he probably neer will be able to say so himself. Maybe a Swiss girl will come here for some months specifically to work with him.

The new dorm for our older boys is ready. Eleven boys are living there with a male educator, It is more homy than the main house, and the boys like it. Even Hypolito and Benedito, who used to live with pastor Genito came back to the center and sleep in the dorm. Everything was donated, and a team fom South Africans did all the painting. The only things that I bought was a table cloth and some stickers to decorate!

Prayer requests:

  • Our financial situation
  • Spiritual growth for our older children, for deeper roots and more motivation to reach others
  • For Mama Helena, our pastor. Her ex husband  tries to make her misarable in many ways. Now she bought a piece of land in Chinonanquila, so that she will come to live closer by. She needs to build a house there.
  • A dorm for girls, house for visitors / short termers and a vegetable garden
  • For Benedito’s future (he is 17 now)
  • For our furlough. Heleninha and I will be in Holland / Switserland in December and January

Once again thank you so much for friendship, prayer, gifts and everything else.

Corrie en Heleninha

Olá pessoal, I am Heleninha, I have grown up now, long ago I was small, but now I am much bigger. I thank God that He saved me a lot and that He helped me with my health. I know that He is great and faithful, also in your lives. I send you a picture, so that you can get to know me better. I like dancing, I don’t know if one of you has the same dream.  A big hug for you,   Heleninha