Corrie Ockhuysen, may 2012

Queridos amigos e família,

Lots of things happened during the last few months. I’ll try to share some highlights with you.

Just married!
He looks like 90, she as 101 years old, but they got married last March! It was such a joyful, simple, marvellous celebration. They had dreamt about it since they were together, but they never had the money to realize it. Now the wedding was simply during the church service on Sunday morning and after that.  The whole neighbourhood came to see the couple.  So it was also a good example for others, to see that a wedding doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

Our chuches are growing. Now we also have a church in Chinonanquila, made by grass. At the official opening service it was very full.  (almost too small already) It was another joyful happening.

Just baptized
At Easter we baptized 31 people. One was a lady from Finland who  visited us that day. Everytime again it is a challenge to get  people baptized in our little pool, because it is leaking so badly. Our water tanque was empty as well, but we managed.

This only happens in Mozambique….

  • My big, beautiful cat (see picture with Armando) is missing for some weeks already. The children say that he most probably has been eaten by our neighbour, since he eats cats all the time…
  • Last week I woke up, Saturday morning, with the good feeling of having a day off finally. But what happened, 5 minutes later people came to spray our whole center against mosquitos (malaria), I begged them to come back another time, but no way…. One hour later our center, included my house was one big mess, and everything covered with  white powder.

Short News and prayer requests

  • Just at a time that we didn’t have any money, neither place for a new child, neither enough educators, Armando arrived. And what do you do, when you see such a boy, eight years old (although he looks only like 5) with Aids and tuberculosis, who has been only in hospitals for the last few years. He thought  a hospital was a place to live, and didn’t want to go to another hospital anymore to “live”. Pray for his health and that he will receive Jesus in his life.
  • Next week the older boys will move into their new dorm. We are waiting for the beds to arrive, and then they will move, It was special for me to see, how everything came together for the new place, including furniture. Pray that we will be able to work with good male educators.
  • Isaura and Beatriz, two of our oldest girls, live now with a lady from the church, here closeby. It seems to be better for them, and for us it means more peace and rest in the center.
  • Hypólito, 15 years old, has a ugly hole in his cheek, because of malnourishment in the past. He always covers it with a bandage. Now we found a Cuban doctor who wants to do an operation. Pray that it will happen soon, and that it will be successful. It is Hypolito’s biggest wish.
  • We have had a team from Holland, from my church. They prayed a lot for our children and ministry. Almost all the children received a prophesy full of hope for their future.
  • The Dutch Embassador, Mss Frederique de Man, came to visit us with some people working at the Embassy. It was a nice time, and they were impressed by the way our children danced. We hope that we willl have a good relationship with them.
  • Pray also for Yudel and Mirta, the missionary couple who work with us. Pray that God will open a door for them to visit Cuba, and that they can take Debora, the little girl that lives with them, as well.

Once again thank you so much for all your help, friendship, mail, prayers, donations etc.

Corrie and Heleninha, team and kids