Newsletter Corrie Ockhuysen

Queridos amigos e família,

In the first place my excuses that it is such a long time ago since my last newsletter….. I think I started to write one in April, but then forgot to send it…. Anyhow, warm greetings from a cold Mozambique!

People in Africa love to tell stories. The following story was told by  Pastor Genito to our older boys as a way to explain Luke 9:23:

“Once upon a time there were two sons who were told by their father to carry a cross to a far place, a day walking. The oldest boy, who was the biggest had to carry the longer beam, and the youngest the smaller one. It was a long lonely road. The youngest went in front, but the older brother got tired  and stayed more behind. At a certain moment they came at the place of a carpenter. The younger one passed the place and walked fast, but the older one felt the temptation to stop and asked the carpenter to saw his beam through the middle and continued with half of it. He felt happy now, and continued his way. Then they came to a river that they had to cross. The youngest boy used his  beam to make a bridge, crossed the river, and soon, at the other side, he came to his destination. The older though, found that his beam was far too short now to cross the river, and when he put it in the water, it was taken with the flow. He was very discouraged now and started slowly to walk back. But then there came a lion and that was the end of the story….”.

Usually I don’t write about finances, but today I do…. Per month we receive more or less 25% of what we spend through regular gifts. Normally that is not a problem, because then we receive suddenly a huge gift, so that we are okay. But the last few months we are short of money… God promises that “”Those who seek the Lord will not be short of anything.” It would be great if there will be more people who support our ministry on a monthly base, for 50 or 100 euro, or for whatever amount. 

Zefanias en Junior are the twins who live with us since a couple of weeks. Here in Mozambique it happens many times that children grow up with their grandparents because the parents died of Aids. But in this case two generations are missing, and these children stayed with the sister of the

great-grandmother (see picture) She is older than old, but young in her spirit. When she started to pray, we found out….She still goes to the fields every morning to grow some vegetables, but even so the children were malnourished and very small (they are almost 4 years old).  Zefanias has Aids and has been very sick already. When we was released from hospital he went for one month to a house of Mother Theresa’s foundation, where he recovered a bit more. Now the twins live both with us, and they are doing fine.

People think that we are a bit crazy, that we still take in new children in our small house, that is over full, but what can you do when children like Zefanias and Junior are on your doorstep, or another child, Augusto, who also stayed with his grandmother and her husband. He didn’t go to school, didn’t take his Aids medicines, spoke only Shangane and didn’t get a lot to eat. The husband drinks a lot, and didn’t take responsibility for Augusto.Although our house is fuller than full, these children bring a lot of joy for all of us. Augusto had his birthday party and received a car, probably for the first time in his life. He was so excited!Church
Our 3 (small) churches are doing fine. They all have leaders now, and even though they don’t look like a Dutch evangelical church, the Holy Spirit works in the same way! We have seen miracles of healing and many people got baptized.  Most of the people have lots of needs, also materially, so we try to help where possible. We also receive sometimes food donations. Every first weekend of the month, we have a night of prayer and a meal after church. It is a lot of work to organize everything, with transport, cooking on charcoal, but it is worth it.Last week it was school holidays, so we had a program with the children in Jonas, also with a meal. Our girls did their dances and led most of the program.


Food for the old people

prayer for the sick

food donation for our children


In January we will have a team of young people from the States, who will help us to build grass houses  for people from our churches who need housing. They also will build a grass church in Chinonanquila, where until now the church comes  together under the tree. We would like to build a piece of land in Chinonanquila where we can build these houses.

A few weeks ago we had a group of people from South Africa to visit us, They had a nice car with trailer full of donations. They had planned to stay overnight with us and leave early in the morning. At the last minute they decided (nobody knew why) to leave in the evening already. That same night there were robberies in two houses next to our, with a group of 10 criminals with guns…

Prayer requests

  • Our financial situation
  • More room for our children, Our house and ministry bulges out at all sides. It feels like we are 9 months pregnant, but the baby doesn’t want to be born (yet). Or like God promised several times in Isaiah 54: 2 and 3 that we will extend our ministry to the right and to the left….
  • Piece of land in Chinonanquila to build houses
  • The spiritual life of our children, outreaches led by our children and youth.
  • Health of Hypolito, and that one day he will be operated again to close the hole in his cheek.

I tried to explain about prayer “it is like calling with a cell phone, but the line is never busy…” Isaura: Must be that  they have Vodacom in heaven…. (network from S. Africa)

We want to thank you once again for your prayers, friendship, encouragements and everything!

Corrie and Heleninha, team and kids