Newsletter July 2011

Dear friends,

It was so nice to celebrate my (Desiree’s) 40th birthday in June. My familiy came to visit and now we know that we can have breakfast with up to 12 people at our kitchen table 🙂 All day people sent messages, emails, greetings, hugs and hi’s from all over the world. Thank you so much!!

In July we celebrated a different kind of birthday here: 25 years FCJG train- ing centre, ending with an Open Air Wor- ship Service here at the Wislade. It was a beautiful day: hundreds of guests from all over the land, friends from local churches and many many former students … and even though the weather forecast was an- nouncing rain, rain, rain, the sun was shining bright all day long!! 🙂

Now we entered into some hot summer days with the school training programm … only the weather isn’t matching yet. The one year school is still running, but on August 1st a one month school is starting with the subject: Discover God’s Creativity and Potential in YOU’. We will have creative workshops as well as many street outreaches. In the second week of August the STREAM CAMP will start, a one week camp with many young people who camp on our propriety. All of our students and stuff will join the camp – but we can sleep in our beds (thank God!!!).

At the same time we are preparing our international mission outreaches, because they will start in September already. With a team of 7 people we will go to Japan again.
The big earthquake and tsunami that hit the notheast of Japan on March 11 is still in our minds. The Tsunami has destroyed hundreds of kilometers along the coasts and in some places now – 6 months after – it doesn’t look that much better. As we have been on a 6 weeks outreach to Japan only last year, we were deeply moved when the disaster happend. Already before the earthquake hit we were quite shure to go there again. How much more now!

On September 5 we will fly to Tokyo, our flight back is on October 17. Right at the beginning of our missions trip we would like to serve in the disaster area for around 2 1⁄2 weeks. After that our focus will mainly be on prayer and worship: For one week we want to travel and pray in dif- ferent cities like Hiroshima, Osaka and Nagasaki.In all of this we have one question: God, where do you want to use us as FCJG in Japan? What is the long term perspective? Where are the people you want us to serve? And we clearly fell that right now Japan really needs our prayers and help.

During the outreach we will try to keep in touch and let you know what is going on. If you want more information or if you want to pray for us especially for the outreach, please let us know. We are happy to give you more details and prayer requests.

Thank you so much for your friendship, prayers and support. We wish you a pleasant and nice summer and holiday season.

Greetings from Luedenscheid,

Eddi & Desiree

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