Mozambique & Private Practice

Greetings from Cape Town!!! The whole country is infected with soccer fever, and blowing their vuvuzelas (horns). We will however miss a great deal of this while we will be going on outreach to Mozambique.

What started off as a team outreach has now become a 2-persons outreach. It will only be the 2 of us visiting Corrie Ochuijzen in Maputo. She runs an orphanage and, we are preparing to do some teaching for the staff and the community. We are quite excited and looking forward to this venture. Mozambique is a beautiful country, but is very poor and also has a lot of social problems. We will leave Cape Town on Sunday, 13 June and also visit some family and friends on the way to and from Mozambique.

While we are away, the court case regarding the money will be heard in Cape Town High Court on 15 June 2010. The lawyer will represent Jaco in this case. Your prayers for the finalization of this matter will be highly appreciated. It has been a long time that it has been dragging on, and we would like it to be resolved soon.

Charmaine is looking at the possibility of starting a private practice, after her contract was not renewed at the shelter where she worked before. Meanwhile she works at a school 1 day per week where she is counselling children or doing life skills programmes. The children come from very impoverished and disadvantaged backgrounds, and many of them were born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Jaco is still working at the prison and is still enjoying it. He is also involved in a community support group for mainly ex-offenders and their families.


·        The outreach to Mozambique

·        The court case

·        Charmaine’s work situation

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